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The best way to contact the Textile Recycling Association is by e-mail.   It is the most efficient method and your enquiry is likely to be dealt with much more quickly than by phone or post.

Our e-mail address is

Uniform/Corporate Wear/Event Promotional Clothing.

If you have uniform/corporate wear/ event promotional clothing or similar clothing that you are looking to recycle please click here.

Carpet  Recycling Enquiries.

For carpet recycling enquiries please contact Carpet Recycling UK (

Mattress  Recycling Enquiries

There is currently no trade body representing the mattress recycling industry and regrettably we are currently not in a position to provide detailed answers on matters relating to this issue. However, if you are from a mattress recycling business and think you may be interested in being part of new trade body you can register your interest by e-mail

If you are looking for a mattress recycling business there are a few organisations engaged in this in the UK. Information about them can be found by searching for “Mattress Recycling” on the internet.

Clothing and Other Textile Recycling Enquiries

If you any other enquiries relating to clothing or textile re-use or recycling, you are welcome to complete the form below


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Other contact details:

Phone: 0345 459 8276
Post: PO Box 965, Maidstone, ME17 3WD.