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Exclusive for Textile Recycling Association Members

Members of the Textile Recycling Association can benefit from exclusive training courses which will help them comply with relevant legislation, operate to high professional business standards and to offer commercial competitive advantage.

The following course(s) are available to book.

26th April 2018 – Export used clothing & textile waste to the EU?  Are you compliant?

Any organisation that transports waste through any EU countries must comply with the EU Waste Framework Directive, Transfrontier Shipment of Wastes Regulations and their legal Duty of Care.  The fact that the UK is set to leave the EU in 2019 does not change the legal obligations of any British waste exporter when operating in the EU.  If anything, the checks that British waste exporters may be subjected to by EU customs officials may increase.

This one day course will help will help to ensure that they are compliant with relevant waste legislation.

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